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Stairs is an element of every dwelling building that has more than one floor. It is up to us whether the stairs will have only useful function or if that will be also a pride of our home.


We realize:
  • Wooden stairs of every type, both free- standing and the stairs put directly on the concrete
  • Straight stairs, dog- legged stairs, winding stairs

To produce stairs we use various types of wood, both of hardwood and softwood (beech, oak and spruce).

According to customer preference, the stairs can be lacquered, additionally tinted or painted with oil paint.

Wide offer of materials and various prices give everyone the possibility to choose the best option.

We also provide stairs installation service.


There is possibility of measurement and valuation at a customer home. All stairs are made according to individual design. The designs are adjusted to the customer needs.

Sample realizations:

1. Pole
2. Stringer
3. Step
4. Handrail

In realization: